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Lelo Smart Wand

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Killer Features: The Lelo Smart Wands are a Powerful Line of vibrators that are like a cordless Magic Wand – So You Can Use in the Bath!! The Large Version fits attachments made for the Hitachi Magic Wand! UPDATE: I Added links for my Canadian and UK/EU and Australia / New Zealand readers by popular demand!

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Great, now on with the Lelo Smart Wands!

The Smart Wands by Lelo are a luxury alternative to my favorite stay-at-home vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand. They don’t have quite the power of a plug-in vibrator, but they get darn close and many people prefer the lower, “rumbly” vibrations that come from the large Smart Wand. In fact, the Large Lelo Smart Wands are the MOST powerful rechargeable vibrators on the market and the closest thing to a cordless Hitachi Magic Wand you’re going to get.

2 Sizes – Large or Medium

Large is the most powerful while the medium is a bit more travel friendly and but less powerful. In fact the medium wand is a bit disappointing because the whole point of a wand massager is lost when you go small. So stick with the large is my recommendation. I have heard a lot of chatter about others being disappointed in the medium as well.  It you want power – go with the large. If you want attachments, go with the large – Hitachi wand attachments fit the large perfectly!  Check them out here

Waterproof!!!  Honey?  I’ll be in the bath! 

Yes! As with other Lelo vibrators, you can take them into the bath or shower. This is a huge advantage because many women find the bath the most relaxing place to be and the perfect place to have a nice relaxing orgasm. And because the Smart Wands are waterproof, they are really easy to clean.

How To Use

Well, these are awesome sex toys and here’s a video that shows you how to use them – Tina


Compared to the hitachi, these wands are very quiet. If you have roommates or kids or just want to be discreet, then you want a quiet massager.

Premium Materials

Bodysafe silicone is my favorite vibrator material. It feels so nice and natural. When using lube, make sure it is a water-based lube! These Lelo wands are really works of art.

Attachments and Accessories

One of the great things about the Hitachi is that there are a lot of 3rd party attachments to take it to the next level (g-spot etc.) and Lelo was smart enough to make the head on their large smart wand the same size.  Attachments won’t fit the medium.  Most people buy a few attachments for their Hitachi Wands and I think if you go with the Lelo, you should treat yourself to attachments.


This is Lelo’s cool patented feature that means the vibrator motor responds to the pressure you apply to your skin. Cycle through 8 different vibration patterns or use the SenseTouch by holding the center button down for 3 seconds. Once you’ve found the perfect setting for you, the Lelo Smart Wands remember the last setting – isn’t that great?


The Hitachi Wand is powerful, but since it has to be plugged in, you have to keep it within six feet of a power outlet. Also, the cord takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re using it with a partner.

Medium Size is a Great Travel Companion!

Medium Size is a Great Travel Companion!

Because the Lelo Vibrators are a cordless you can take them wherever you want to go – the other side of the bed, any room in the house, the bathroom, outside, in the car, anywhere! They last for about 2 hrs on a single charge and recharge in about 2 hrs.

Adjustable Power

Use the simple + and – buttons to increase or lower the power settings. For me, the power is great – the more the better! But I have a friend is more sensitive “down there” and even the lowest setting is too much for her – until she gets used to it. In that case, you can do what I recommend with the Magic wand – put a sock over it. If that’s not enough, Fold the sock over a couple of times until you get used to it (and decide you want to crank it up!) Remember, if you are using this with a partner, don’t let them bear down on your clitoris with these wands – tell them to have a light touch and you can tell them if you want more pressure. If they push too much, you will go numb in no time, and that’s no fun. You might also experience a tingling or itchy sensation. If you do, lighten up!

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