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Jimmyjane Form 2

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The Jimmyjane Form 2 vibrator is a top-quality silicone vibrator that is worth every cent of its premium price. There’s a reason it’s the one that EVERYONE wants (and why it’s the perfect sex toy gift) It’s great to use alone or with a partner. It’s WATERPROOF!!! Which means you can use it in the bath or the shower. For me, I love to relax in the tub, so a waterproof vibe is essential. Of course, that means it is also easy to clean. So what makes this vibrator so unique and why is it one of the best vibrators on the market? Read on! If you are here looking for the best deals, I’ve put them at the bottom of this page, so Hit this link to JUMP DOWN TO THE DEALS AREA to see the best deals on the Form 2 , AND UPDATE: I’ve added deals for the UK / Europe, Canada, and Australia / New Zealand to the deals area! 

It all starts with that unique design. This is a fun video that covers a lot (my own isn’t ready yet)


Take a look at the pictures and you can see that this is no ordinary vibrator. It has two flexible “ears” that you can use any way you want – inside, outside, on him, whatever… but the true magic and genius is how these ears work on the clitoris. The clitoris is very sensitive with lots of nerve endings and many women prefer not to have direct stimulation right on the clitoris – it’s just too intense. For example, my go to vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a super powerful vibrator but many women have to put a sock over the head to dampen down the vibrations. Some have to even fold the sock a couple of times. The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is perfect for INDIRECT clitoral stimulation. You simply put the two ears on either side of the clitoris and boom! Perfect indirect stimulation.

But also, very powerful DIRECT clitoral stimulation too! Because:


Most rabbit-style vibrators have motors down in the shaft and the vibrations are weak by the time they get out to the “ear” area. Worse, when you apply pressure, it totally kills the vibration further. This Jimmyjane vibrator has motors right near the tips of the ears for intense vibrations that don’t fail when pressure is applied. So if you want pin-point powerful direct clitoral stimulation, it can’t be beat for that either… Ahhh, they designed this thing right!


The Form 2 is not huge by any means – it fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Unlike most vibrators that stick out in odd directions, the shape of the Form 2 makes it ideal to use with a partner when making love. Well, as ideal as you’re going to find, anyway. Many women use it fine in missionary or when they are on top or doggy-style with their partners. Giving BOTH partners added pleasure.


The Form 2 has 4 modes and 5 speeds which means 20 different settings. The idea is that you play around with the settings until you find the best one for you. When you come back to the toy the next time, it will still be on that setting so you won’t have to search for the perfect setting for you again. Lots of modes are fun to play around with but most people find one setting takes them over the moon better than anything else and it can be a real hassle if that one you use every time isn’t there when you need it.
Hit this link to JUMP DOWN TO THE DEALS AREA to see the best deals on the Form 2


Batteries? Please! This baby goes up to 7 hours on a charge. These days there is just no excuse not to drop a few extra dollars on a rechargeable vibrator. Do you really want to have to run out to the store when you’re in the mood? If your vibrator has batteries I can pretty much guaranteed that it’s a low quality and low power device. Sorry. Always go with rechargeable. A nice touch with the Form 2 is that it’s “cordless” recharging. It comes with a cool little stand that the vibe sits on. Tres chic!


There is a nice lock-out feature similar to what you find on the Lelo vibes – this thing won’t turn on accidentally so you don’t have to worry about it turning on at an embarrassing time – like in airport security! It really does happen.


The most natural feeling vibrator material that just feels right. Luxury. Use a water-based lube and you are good to go. This thing just feels like a million bucks.


Jimmyjane makes some of the highest quality vibrators in the world. This one is durable, beautiful, genius design, and simply exudes quality. It is a real luxury vibrator. Gentlemen, if you are thinking of buying a vibrator as a gift, this is an excellent, thoughtful choice. And if you are a women who is stepping up from a battery operated disposable vibrator, this is one to treat yourself with. Oh, and it comes with an unheard of 3 year limited warranty.

The Deals

So I used to send my readers to Amazon for many vibrators but I heard from JimmyJane that they have been having a problem with counterfeit vibrators being sold on Amazon and these crappy devices were overheating and failing. Because JimmyJane can’t authenticate these vibrators, they will not in most cases honor the warranty if purchased on Amazon, which is why you should not purchase any JimmyJane product from Amazon. I have found some terrific deals from authorized dealers that beat Amazon’s prices, anyway! And they are backed by JimmyJane’s awesome 3 year warranty. Every dealer on my site has been personally vetted by me to have strong privacy policies, discreet shipping and are trustworthy authorized dealers. You can visit any of them with confidence. So take a look at these great deals on the JimmyJane Form 2:

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